There are so many ways to have muscles but here I will show you two that have worked well for me and my body today. These two ways are very easy and the muscle building work out is very similar.

First Off, let's do a word about where we would like our muscles built from. If you want a stronger frame then you need lots of protein in your diet of course. For example if you eat 5-6 grams of protein per pound of body mass it takes a small dose or two of protein per pound of weight to be enough to build a strong frame

The second thing we need is fiber. Fiber helps with absorption and digestion of foods as well as promoting digestive health. We can get more fiber by eating fresh produce such as broccoli. This way we also have access to healthy fat and other types of protein.

But what we should choose are those two things first because without them something else does not work properly. Also remember that these can't be done in one day, but they will be done gradually and over time. In my opinion, you can start with just 1 pound of protein per week or by having 2-4 cups of vegetables and fruits daily. And this time frame is based on what works well for you.

How much to work out?

The amount of each muscle group that you want to work out at the beginning of every workout is based upon how much you can handle when exercising. You might be able to do 15 to 20 minutes of cardio to build a few large muscle groups. For example a dumbbell shoulder press could take place for three sets; in order to make sure you don’t tire out from the strain. Or, you may do 10 to 12 minutes on the treadmill to build larger groups of muscles.

I always start working out by doing 3 to 5 sets with some movement and cardio that are heavy. So with the right level of repetition like 12 to 16 times per exercise you can actually increase the size of certain muscles. Some examples would be biceps curls, triceps dips and back extensions. This means that it will take longer time but the results will definitely come faster and stronger.

When you first start your training, it will take longer time and you could even plateau or slow down. To avoid this, you want to work out once in a while but try to keep up your intensity in the beginning then slowly work your way up. Remember that a lot of people plateau so if you start doing one exercise too much, it will take time until you gain muscle.

But if you have been working out regularly and you feel confident going into what your body has to offer firstly do it for your mind first. Then you get excited about it. But if you start to get nervous and anxious or if you get tired and fatigued it can cause some problems.

I suggest that you work out about four to five days a week with no extra rest because as soon as you start working out you will feel a little better and look better. The only things to focus on are your body and your mind. Workout early in the morning but be careful not to go hard as early because later in the evening you will start getting tired and that is when your muscles will begin to weaken. It is also important to work out firstly your legs and back then later your mid and upper body.

The next thing is the core. Your front area will be the hardest part to build and it is easier to put in a solid body. That’s when you start using your core muscles to strengthen your abdominal muscles and your back and you just work back until your legs feel good and your back is stable.

If you want to find the perfect strength for your arms then this is your spot. They should also be there for your shoulders and your shoulders should also be there. But if you work on your chest then you will find that you could do the same but again, you want to build first your chest then your arms. This is the most challenging exercise and requires stamina but your body will recover quickly when you do it. So work hard in the beginning and you will see improvement in yourself very fast.

The last exercise I personally did was the side grip. Like the bicep curl your back should be made a nice full arch and your arm should be down in one hand and your palms facing forward. Hold this and hold it for another ten seconds then slowly lower your wrists until all the pressure is released and then slowly return to the starting position.

This specific pose is extremely difficult and hard. So to do that many times and to make progress you must first be consistent with your routine and then move on to do different variations. Doing one side grip at a time and repeating the steps for the opposite arm is an intense and demanding workout. Even now during the winter I still do a couple of different variations of this which is how I use my arms. When my arms are going well this is the best time but sometimes I do the other side. On the flip side I do a hip lock so I can use my upper body and back in order to improve my upper body.

After doing this for a couple of weeks I noticed a difference. After this I started to do slightly heavier weights and I noticed a change in my arms. Not only just doing more exercises I did, I was also putting more emphasis on my core muscles and body, working the different parts of my being instead of just focusing on my shoulders. The improvements were dramatic and I was happy because now I was able to accomplish more than I ever had before.

So I encourage you to do any kind of strength work out because you never know what your body can do and it is very possible to get in shape for the summer. As long as you take care of the basics you can reach any sort of fitness level. Don't worry too much about the result as long as you keep improving your body.

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