Tesla, Space X and the Internet of Things are all going to be big things in a few years. The way we live and interact with technology will soon become what determines whether or not we can continue to make money.

Technology has been progressing at an exponential rate, so many different new ways of doing everything, and it is important we adapt to these changes rather than try to stay behind. If you don’t see yourself as part of the change, then you won’t be able to find any good opportunities for yourself when you come out of college or start your business. It’s going to take time, but if you want to succeed, you need to get used to change. In the meantime, this article gives some quick advice on how to do that.

1) Work hard early on

You can’t afford not to work hard early on. Once you have a decent idea, then that’s what you have to push forward at. You don’t necessarily have to complete the whole thing. Just the first couple of parts will still get completed. As Elon said himself “Start small and go fast. That’s my motto. Success starts small.” Even though nobody really knows exactly what they are working on, they will feel like their ideas are a lot more complete if you begin with the smallest amount of things at first. This way you are less afraid of making mistakes, and that would lead to a bigger chance of success. After finishing the very first small number of projects, move onto bigger ones and keep pushing them until you finish the rest. Then finally stop worrying about anything else. Keep looking at those initial ideas until they are done. Don’t let anybody else decide what you will focus on when you finally finish them. For example I always put most of my time into just two projects at a time. They are completely unrelated, yet I can’t seem to stop because I can’t think of anything else.

2) Study a bit every day

There are a bunch of articles saying studying just a few hours everyday can help you get better grades. Maybe this isn’t something you should bother with too much, but just five hours a day of study can improve your grades dramatically. Try doing ten extra lessons every week with each project. Each lesson should take 5-7 minutes. When I started learning Chinese I felt awful in class. One day my teacher told me I was really struggling and she offered to give me extra lessons. A couple days later she asked me if I wanted to skip another one and pay her back $4. Now I never go outside of school for extra lessons again, only because I hate myself. There are other ways of avoiding exams, such as taking online courses, studying before other students, reading books before tests start, and just having a positive attitude. By all means, there are ways to avoid exams and study smart without a job, but you shouldn’t try to learn things to pass them if you don’t care about getting good grades. Just apply yourself to learn as much as possible so you can at least show up somewhere when they eventually come.

3) Make a priority list of your daily goals

I have already mentioned it above that trying to do all of these things in one day is very difficult. So here is the challenge, make a list of all the things you wish you could accomplish in one day. Get organized in your life by writing down all the tasks you need to do that day for yourself and then cross them off of it. Not only will this remove so much time from your schedule, but also create anxiety in your mind that a project that takes only 2 weeks before completion may be cancelled due to another task left open to be finished. Having a prioritized list of projects can ease things around and help make sense of a huge array of priorities.

4) Create a strong network

The best investment for your future is in good people. These are the people who can tell you when you are running out of fuel and they can save you from needing to run out of gas. Good friends will tell you when it’s time to slow down and take a break so you aren’t falling apart right before your eyes. Most importantly, your social circle should consist of people you have interacted with over the course of your lifetime and are willing to help you out when you don’t know what to do next, and help you get back on track. Finding genuine people who genuinely care about another person will definitely help make your dreams come true. Be careful though, make sure you don’t reach out to anyone for help with social media, because it’s easy to end up hurting people instead of helping them. Always remember people are doing you favours so don’t put yourself under any pressure to reach certain goals just be happy to be able to give someone a listen.

5) Never quit after making a mistake

I made one of the biggest mistakes in my entire life when I decided to pursue sports as my profession. At first, I thought I had nothing to lose. But as time went on, I noticed that people were suddenly more interested in seeing me play basketball and cheer for my own team. Soon enough my mother was telling me from across the room that I was a great athlete and that the sport itself didn’t matter. All she cared about was that I played well and gave my heart to the game. She had no idea about what I wanted from it but it was what I wanted. Soon enough I stopped caring about the sport, since I realised my goal was to win a championship. Eventually, in the end it wasn’t worth the energy needed and it had gotten boring after a while. Nowadays I am quite selective at what I play and who I play with. However, if it’s fun, then I will certainly stick with it for as long as it takes. No reason to keep playing if it’s got me losing in the first place. Therefore, never forget that you won’t become successful until you’re actually successful. What happened to me didn’t happen to you, so why focus on anything other than that. Everyone wants a prize, nobody likes winning any less. And guess what? Winning championships is really expensive now. So instead of focusing on getting those titles, you should focus on putting a smile on people’s faces, being kind and happy. Remember the feeling that once you win, they’ll be your friends forever, so make sure they enjoy themselves without thinking too much about it.

6) Make a commitment

It may sound cliche but don’t lose faith in yourself you know you can achieve anything! We all say we should take action. Well, it’s true, and if you really want something, then it’s time to make a bold statement. Whatever happens, know you can do it because that’s how life works. This is known for its ability to pull us through unexpected obstacles and to motivate us to strive harder against our problems rather than letting ourselves get defeated.

7) Understand that even though it feels like nothing, it isn’t worth doing nothing.

You see that’s not the point because it makes you dissatisfied and that’s not what life is about. Just put on your headphones, sit across the table from me, grab a beer and watch TV and I promise you that I will appreciate it, and that the only time you actually care if you get nothing done is once you realize exactly how badly you want the same outcome as everyone else. No longer do being lazy and useless mean anything.

8) Take care of yourself.

Everyone says it’s important to take care of themselves. Some people say that they should do things for themselves. Others just say they should be grateful for what they do get and what they have. Either way, they can’t possibly get anywhere without proper self-care and self-love. The same goes for what society teaches about healthy living and doing some exercise. While people are encouraging us to be active, what we often miss is that you are actually giving yourself enough time and space to grow and develop physically and mentally to allow your dreams to come true. You may not like it, but it’s healthy in such a world where people keep competing. Go ahead and keep trying; try to see beyond your current circumstances and do what you could. Have a look at what your dreams are and maybe they aren’t what you thought they were. Also, remember that once you have decided what you want to become, the only thing that matters is how much of it you want to achieve. Your mindset should always focus on something positive in your mind.

9") Use social networks for connections. Don’t use social media, it’ll make you lonely and miserable.

Social media makes it easier for individuals to meet new people, stay connected together and build a closer community. As life gets more and more busy it might be helpful. Social media gives you plenty of options for connecting with people who are similar to yourself. It is amazing what connections you can form just by checking or joining a few groups on Facebook. Social media is great as it allows you to make new acquaintances, share your thoughts or even learn something new. Yet despite all the information available on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook, it can be quite daunting not knowing how to use it properly.

Even though some social networks can make your life quite busy, if you make plans, use them and stick with them then there wouldn’t be a problem. Here is a tip: whenever you post something on social media, tag someone else, write it in.

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